Feel like sponsoring my open source software?

Compliments, it's a very good idea. 🤗

You can do so right here: Sponsor @ansorre on GitHub sponsors

Here it's why it's a very good idea:

  • to boost community funding, GitHub is matching the contributions made to specific developers and I've been accepted in this GitHub program. This means that for every dollar you contribute, GitHub contributes too with an equivalent amount. You contribute 100? GitHub adds another 100, you get double the vantage.

  • my software is the evolution of some decades of experience as a software programmer and entrepreneur and has been used in a lot of my projects. Still publishing and mantaining it as open source requires commitment, dedication and way more time than when one uses the software just for oneself. Yet I have many packages to open source. So I'll keep it simple: the more contributions I get, the more packages I'll publish and maintain. 😉

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